Leayne Tilahun

Leayne Tilahun, born on February 23, 1988, is a young prolific talent from Dessie .After having been passed through the rigorous drawing exercises under Artist Syoum Ayalew in Dessie Pallets art club and having completed his preparatory classes he joined as ASFAD in2009 to peruse that art of painting under the guidance of Artist Tadese Mesfin and Mezgebu Tesema. After finishing his college studies, Leayne has managed to be part of the prestigious art of Ethiopia annual art exhibition regularly held in Sheraton Addis. Besides Leayne's studio around 5 Kilo is open to everyone looking for paintings of loud introvert expressions that words cannot dare express.
Nebyou Tesfaye Chaka
Born in Addis Ababa in 1978, Nebyou Tesfaye Chaka grew up a strong desire to be an artist. As a young boy, he often liked to draw on almost everything; His admiration for color continued to develop well into his adulthood when he joined the AAU, School of Fine Arts and Design in 1999. Afterwards, Nebyou relocated to USA to pursue further education at the West Los Angeles College. Over the years, Nebyou's art has morphed into different genres but his current focus on "The Reflections" of his daily life.




Wondemagegn Belete

Wendimagegn Belete is an Ethiopian artist, born on March 25, 1986 in Kazanchis district of Addis Ababa. His passion for the visual arts grew through high school and led him to enroll at Addis Ababa University Alle school of Fine Arts and design in 2009, he gratuated with great distinction (Outstanding student of the year, 2012) from the department of painting. After his graduation he consequently exhibited his art works at several group exhibitions in Ethiopia and abroad. Now is working as a full time studio artist.  Read more